First Peoples Rainbow Mob WA

Creating awareness and visibility for Our Mob

Awareness & Support

First Peoples Rainbow Mob WA are set up to be a Not For Profit organisation, but still need to get our charity licence so we can assist Our Indigenous LGBTQA+ Mob with daily survival and support.
We want to make ALL Our Mob feel safe, respected, and most of all know they are loved regardless who or how they live their life.

First Peoples Rainbow Mob WA was founded by Jakob James & the Crew from Rainbow KINection in November 2018 after making WA LGBTQA+ history & with the help of many other members of the Rainbow Mob, entered the first ever Indigenous LGBTQA+ float in the 30 years Perth has held their Pride Parade, hosted by Pride WA.


"We need to create a legacy for all those who've since past have battled for LGBTQA+ rights of the Indigenous people" said Jakob in a recent interview with Rainbow KINection 100.9fm Noongar Digital Radio.


First Peoples Rainbow Mob WA hope to create a safe place and resource centre for the Indigenous LGBTQIA+ people, offer assistance, & give Our Mob the access to the life they deserve. Our rainbow Mob should be able to have the love, support, & compassion from their own peoples, so this is Our way of trying to achieve this life long dream of Noongar LGBTQIA+ Elder, Aunty Vanessa Smith, one of the first Indigenous Transwomen of Western Australia.